Enrich Your Child's Daily Routine

Enrich Your Child's Daily Routine

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When your child is 2 or 3 years old, they need constant attention and engagement. Tiger Tales Childcare wants to help your child develop alongside other children, which is why we incorporate "funshine" into our curriculum. This includes both fun and developmentally appropriate activities to help your child enhance their emotional, educational and intellectual well-being.

In addition to developmental growth, we also work on physical tasks like potty training, cleanliness and hand-washing. Talk to our staff about our program today.

Combining fun and education in one program

Giving your child the tools they need to grow is a crucial part of our program. Children in our care will have the chance to participate in...

Developmental activities. This includes hands-on activities for educational entertainment.
Field trips. We offer two field trips per year to places like the zoo and children's museums.
Social activities. Your child will have the chance to engage with other kids their age.

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